Japanese Fake Virgin Pussy

puni-onaholePuni Virgin Onahole ($87)
Japan makes the best cheap quality fake pussy masturbators in the world. This is a premium life-like ‘virgin’ style pussy that looks and feels just like the real thing, yet costs only $89 with minimal shipping costs direct from Japan to anywhere in the world. Although simple looking on the outside, the virgin love tunnel of this beautiful sex toy is intricately shaped and ribbed to provide a quite exquisate sensation against your penis.

Best Fake Pussy Toy – The Fleshlight


In terms of a realistic, fake pussy, there is still no serious rival to the Fleshlight – the world’s best selling male sex toy.  The Fleshlight both looks like a female vagina, and feels like one too.  Fleshlights are so realistic that a lot of guys actually like to lick the pussy lips before sliding their dicks in.

The Fleshlight Girls range of fake pussy toys are modelled on the actual vaginas of real life pornstars, such as Riley Steele above.  Masturbating with these toys is a very personal and intimate experience, quite different to using a normal masturbator.  You really do feel that you are, in some way, fucking the pornstar.  This feeling is heightened if you are looking at a picture of the girl while you masturbate, or watching a video of her in action.